Diary Room: No Love, Just an Illusion!
Wed, 04 Jul 2012 14:20
Diary Room: No Love, Just an Illusion!
Though Malonza and Junia are joined at the hip, Alex reduced their relationship to just an illusion created by the House.

During his Diary session, Biggie asked Alex how he views his brother Malonza and Junia's relationship. Without hesitation he said "It's not like they can have a long distance relationship, I know my brother."

Well, the glowing Junia told Biggie that she was happy with her new self and the fact that Fifi was slowly disappearing.

Asked about her issues with Jannette, Junia confirmed that they were good. "I'm not worried because right now I've got him," Junia said about Malonza.

She said should she leave on Sunday, Malonza may just get it on with Jannette again because he is not the type of guy that pushes women away.

Meanwhile, Malonza said he and Junia are just friends but admitted to being welcome to any added value to this friendship. "We're comfortable with each other and I'm close to Junia," he confirmed.

Alex on the other hand said the only person he was closest to in the House was his brother and no one else. "We don't have to talk all the time but when I feel like talking about something I talk to him," Alex concluded.

Really Malonza?

Are Malonza and Junia in love or is it just an illusion as his brother says?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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