Feature: A Whole New Goldie
Mon, 02 Jul 2012 20:15
Feature: A Whole New Goldie
Can a leopard ever change its spots? After seeing Goldie's sudden transformation it sure looks like it.

Gone is the overly whiny, excessively emotional introverted girl that used to separate herself from the other females in the House and choosing to rather spend all of her time obsessing about her man. Today the StarGame viewers had a glimpse at a whole new Goldie. In the blink of an eye the singer has blossomed into quite the social butterfly.

After Talia and Watisurvived last night’s Evictions the four remaining Housemates of Downville were upgraded to Upville the songstress made a conscious effort to try and bond with the ladies. This is a direct contradiction of the Goldie of days gone by, the one who always used to seem bitter every time a new female stepped into Upville. Today she spent most of the day sitting with Talia, Jannette and Junia and the women swapped personal tales about their lives like old friends.

She seems to have grown especially close with Junia, the two are always gossiping and joking together. Today they hugged each other in the kitchen right after the professional entertainer gave her new BFF a dance lesson. Junia struggled to keep up with the flexi performer exclaiming: “I can’t go that low.” Goldie was on hand to give her friend words of encouragement, saying: “Baby you can, yes you can.”

Could it be that Barbz's exit from the Big Brother House was a wakeup call for the singer or is this whole new Goldie part of her StarGame strategy?

By Lihle

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