Diary Room: Prezzo Bashes Lady May
Mon, 02 Jul 2012 18:15
Diary Room: Prezzo Bashes Lady May
With Barbz out of the House it looks like Prezzo has found himself a new frenemy in Lady May. The celebrity bad boy has never been one to bottle up his opinions and today the rapper waxed lyrical about Lady May and what he deems to be her insecurities.

According to the rapper the Namibian is cold and calculating and the arrival of the Downvillers in Upville has put a thorn in her StarGame plans. “She is like a tortoise, she keeps hiding in this shell. But I gave you my word that she was not gonna hide inside her shell for long and true to my word the other day she popped out,” he dished to Big Brother.

This conversation was sparked by Big Brother’s query any of the Upville Housemates feel intimidated by the new Housemates. The Kenyan considers Lady May as quite the strategist and he believes that he has her all figured and will not fall her timid act and neither will Africa. “I have known her whole strategy and personally I think it sucks. She is insulting the intelligence of Africa and the rest of the Housemates.”

It has become clear that there are many in Upville that share Prezzo’s discontent with Lady May, today the Namibian singer received the most Nominations for this week’s Eviction.

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I See You Lady

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