Feature: A Moment of Silence!
Sun, 01 Jul 2012 22:50
Feature: A Moment of Silence!
The bustling colourful Downville Diner is no more and we pay tribute to the fallen heroes. What started with 28 inhabitants has now been reduced to zero, zilch, nada. Darkness and emptiness is all that represents all the laughter and joy that once filled these empty rooms.

The Eviction dagger had no mercy as it struck head first with the princess of Zamunda, Teclar and it didn't spare the Tanzanian pair of Hilda and Julio. The sole survivor was the bubbly Maneta who was whisked to Upville.

Before we knew it, the voluptuous Dalphin, Yadel and Luke were also chopped. That was when Sierra Leonean model, Zainab was upgraded to Upville.

Mildred and the Botswana sisters; Edith and Eve also said goodbye to the show while Keitta was whisked into Upville. By this time though, Nigerian buddies Ola and Chris had voluntarily exited StarGame due to Ola's ill health. Seydou and Esperanca also had their own issues and upon Esperanca's continuous requests, the Angolans had to voluntarily exit the House. During these times, it was like a dark cloud had fallen over Downville and there were tears, cursing and fear all around.

The next to leave Downville were Keagan, Junia, Jesica and Lee but the latter two didn't survive Evictions. Then there were eight Downvillers. A whole twenty had dropped like flies; last but not least Tamara, Talia, Wati and Nafe said goodbye. Talia and Wati were the lucky two who made it to Upville.

With only four left in Downville, Biggie stirred the game and brought the remaining Downvillers into Upville. That marked the death of Downville.

Long Live Downville, Long Live!

We will miss you Downville. We loved you, we cherished you and you will always hold a special place in our hearts!

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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