News: "Tamara is Negative" - Talia
Sat, 30 Jun 2012 22:00
Talia spoke to Jannette about her relationship with her sister, which is in tatters.

Talia spent a good hour expressing her frustrations at how insecure Tamara is. "Have I not shown her just how much I love her? She is always so insecure," Talia said.

The Zambian Housemate revealed how Tamara has been bringing out personal information about her and always puts her down. "She is negative and I try to run away from that. I try my best to avoid unnecessary drama," Talia said.

All the while, Jannette aka Small Princess listened intently and tried her best to give Talia advice.

Will the feuding sisters kiss and make up? We hope so!


- By NgettyD

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