News: StarGame Horror
Sat, 30 Jun 2012 20:55
News: StarGame Horror
Say hello to StarGame's Wizards, witches and vampires.

The Housemates were stunned to see what Big Brother has prepared for them tonight. After taking a look at the outfits for tonight's party, it is evident that we are in for a real treat. Upville received their costumes for their horror themed party which kicks off at 22:00 CAT.

The House looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie. The Housemates had fun trying on different outfits, some of which had blood stains them (for maximum horror effect, of course). Keitta headed upstairs with a mask on and scared the living daylights out of Junia. The Namibian Housemate ran downstairs and hid behind Prezzo.

Keagan had a difficult time finding a suitable outfit, but his mood was brightened by Lady May, who told him the outfit he had chosen made him look like a superhero.

Goldie on the other hand was missing in action while everyone had fun re-enacting the infamous Michael Jackson "Thriller" cemetery dance routine.

Don't miss Sierra Leone deejay Kris MacCormack's one hour set.

House of Horror

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