News: Dramatic Reactions to Messages from Home
Sat, 30 Jun 2012 13:50
News: Dramatic Reactions to Messages from Home
Tears, screams, drama, air punches and excitement as Upvillers see their messages from Homeville.

Messages for Goldie

It didn't come as a surprise to see Goldie crawling and crying hysterically as her family and friends' messages were flighted. Lady May was there for her and she held her.

Messages for Lady May

When her family came on screen, Lady May was very excited. She screamed and jumped around while dancing. "Your late mother and father would have been very proud of you," the Namibian family said.

Messages for Junia

Junia also couldn't handle seeing her friends and though they had a message from her family, she cried and found solace hugging the bar stool. Her friend and evicted StarGame partner, Jesica was also there to give her a much needed pep talk.

Messages for Keitta

For Keitta, it was like he was in a mini heaven when his girl, Mildred aka Eazy Baby appeared on the screen. Between the air punching and head bopping, he was close to kissing the screen. Perhaps it was the relief of hearing her saying "I'm totally watching and I am proud of you," that got him extremely excited.

Messages for Keagan

Keagan, who was already emotional and close to tears couldn't help breaking down when his family sent their messages. The family cleared all the issues that Keagan has been worrying about and he looked content as he clinged onto a towel and sobbed silently. well, Keagan's mother repeatedly reminded him to take care of his liver but what would put a smile on his face than hearing from his StarGame partner, Lee.

Messages for Prezzo

Last but definitely not least was Prezzo who just saluted throughout the video. He seemed disappointed about something though - his daughter was not in the clip. "Thanks for bringing my daughter to the shoot," he sarcastically declared shortly after the footage was shown.

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- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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