Breaking News: Messages From Home
Sat, 30 Jun 2012 12:50
Breaking News: Messages From Home
A dull morning turned exciting when Biggie surprised the Downvillers with messages from homeville.

Jannette And Kyle received their messages first but they complained about sound. "We didn't hear anything Biggie," they cried as they watched their families and friends.

These are some of the messages the Downvillers received:

Jannette: "Enjoy your show but not toom much"
"Keep being yourself"
"We fully support what you're doing"

Kyle: "Put in your best, we know you have it"
"Relax, I'm not expecting your baby"
"Don't bring any girl, I'm jealous"

Messages from Zambia

Tamara and Talia: "Bring the money home"
"Don't lose focus"
"Tamara I miss the way you cook and sing"
"Talia I miss the way you dance"
"Keep on doing what you're doing"

Messages from Malawi

Wati and Nafe: "You're doing well, we're enjoying"
"We're watching you day and night"

Messages from Kenya

Alex and Malonza: "The house is so quiet without you"
"Guys you're cool. I like the way you're treating the ladies" and that was their dad.
"Alex, even Jennifer..." Well, Alex is in for a high jump because the Downvillers want to know who Jennifer is and that message from his colleague seems to have come as a shock.

After such a lazy morning, this must be enough to cheer them up.

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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