Daybreak: Keagan Back In Downville
Fri, 29 Jun 2012 09:03
Daybreak: Keagan Back In Downville
The Downvillers welcomed a very familiar guest to their living quarters this morning.

Keagan reunited with his former Downville Housemates this morning in dramatic fashion, only two weeks after he was upgraded to Upville. The Housemates got to see his face and hear his voice one more time via Big Brother's Holomist. After the gang had finished their morning exercise, Big Brother ordered them to gather in the lounge.

The Housemates figured it could only be the Holomist, which has had many of them yearning for a taste of Upville luxury. Keagan waxed lyrical about the abundant supply of alcohol in Upville, the cushy double beds, the massive double door fridge which never goes empty, as well as all the niceties fit for Big Brother Africa Kings and Queens. The Downvillers quietly looked on and took it all in.

After Keagan had disappeared, the Housemates had a discussion amongst themselves about what they had just seen and heard. "Keagan is not a traitor so I guess it's true," Kyle said. Talia reckoned Keagan had bragged to the extremes.

Not a traitor

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