Task: Mafia, Aliens and Cavemen
Thu, 28 Jun 2012 18:00
Task: Mafia, Aliens and Cavemen
With the clock ticking away, the earthlings, aliens and robots are getting ready to take over.

In Upville we see The Outer space crew of Junia, Keagan and Goldie as well as the Mafia trio of Keitta, Prezzo and Lady May.

Both teams polished their presentations away from each other in a bid to rock during the Task Presentation. The outer space team rehearsed in the kitchen while the Mafia preferred the garden.

When Keagan asked Lady May what the mafia presentation would be about, she simply responded; "No! It's a surprise."

Meanwhile, in Downville the Cavemen would not be left out and they too spruced up their presentation.

Work in Progress!

With the week drawing to an end, only time will tell if the presentations will be up to standard. It will be interesting to see what Downville will think when they realise that while they were cavemen, the Upvillers were big pimping as mafia and UFOs.

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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