Dairy Room: Jannette And Kyle Fight Over Malonza
Thu, 28 Jun 2012 16:30
Dairy Room: Jannette And Kyle Fight Over Malonza
Ugandan Housemates Jannette and Kyle were at each other’s throats during their diary session this afternoon.

The dispute was centred on the Downville dame’s on/off relationship with Malonza. According to Jannette, Kyle betrayed her by going behind her back and telling some of the other Housemates that she was jealous of Junia because of her relationship with Malonza.

Kyle tried to justify his actions by saying that he came to that conclusion based on her actions and based on a confession that she had made to him early in the game about her feelings for the Kenyan.
At this point the visibly irritated Ugandan girl shouted: “No matter what I told you, you should have kept it to yourself because you are my partner.”

Jannette did not hold back her feelings as she lashed right into her partner for being disloyal. For a little while the two went back and forth shouting at each other until the Downville dude gave a half decent apology, saying: “I’m sorry and it will never happen again because I will never talk about this subject ever again.”

Jannette was still too angry to respond at this point Big Brother intervened and asked Kyle to give a more sincere apology but Jannette still was not ready to accept his apology. We have to agree with Jannette on this one, true friends should not go around gossiping behind each other’s backs.

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