News: Prezzo Is Done
Wed, 27 Jun 2012 23:00
News: Prezzo Is Done
This evening, Prezzo told Keitta he is done with Goldie.

It looks like the last fight Goldie and Prezzo has done more damage to their relationship than previously thought. Prezzo confided in his new best friend Keitta and told him what he had with Goldie is a thing of the past. "I'm not even eating the food she cooks from now on. I can make eggs. I am done. Watch this space. It's time to bring the old Prezzo back," he said.

When Goldie's songs were played, Prezzo asked Big Brother to play real music. "This chick is a weirdo and I found myself caught up in the mix," he said. This morning, Prezzo's tender side came out to play as he reconnected with Goldie. Tonight, it looks like another story altogether.

Does this spell the end of StarGame's only official couple?

It's over

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