News: "Do it For The Wager"
Wed, 27 Jun 2012 22:31
Keagan enlisted the services of Keitta and Prezzo to help him apologise to Junia following their fight.

After Junia stormed and got rid of her handcuffs, the Upville boys banded together and tried to get Junia to wear her handcuffs again. Prezzo burst into the bedroom telling the Namibian Housemate "You are under arrest for attempting to make the Housemates lose their Wager". Junia did not want to hear anything the guys had to say and instead laid into Keagan for always picking on her. "I always tell you I don't like you making jokes at my expense and you never listen. Leave me alone," she said.

When Prezzo and Keitta jumped in, Junia told them to stay out of it because it was none of their concern. Prezzo was hearing none of it and told her "Our Wager depends on this so this has everything do with me. I want my cigarettes and my booze next week".

After about 10 minutes, Junia softened and decided to join the boys in the lounge.

Talking it out

- By NgettyD

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