Task: House of Horror?
Tue, 26 Jun 2012 11:22
Task: House of Horror?
The Housemates were not afraid to go all out once again for their StarGame Task.

However, this week's brief itself seemed to unsettle the gang just a tad. Despite this, both Upville and Downville confidently Wagered 100 percent. Without going into too much detail, Big Brother encouraged the Housemates to keep their eyes on the prize this week and to ignore unexpected visitors and friends.

Could this mean this week's Task has been designed to scare the Housemates or maybe even help them face their fears? Well, most of the Downvillers seem to think so. The gang suggested Big Brother switch off all the lights and send in ghouls.

Nafe was so taken by the Task; he even suggested he and Malonza come up with an elaborate prank that will scare Jannette.

All we know is we are all in for a real treat. Will there be ghosts visiting the House this week? We'll just have to wait and see!

Task brief

- By NgettyD

Click here and vote to keep Tamara, Talia, Nafe or Wati in the game. Remember, two Housemates will be upgraded to Upville this week and they don't have to be country pairs!

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