News: Who is Headed to Homeville?
Sun, 24 Jun 2012 19:09
News: Who is Headed to Homeville?
It's been a hectic week that has had everyone in Upville close to breaking point.

Keitta and Barbz are up for possible Eviction tonight and one of the two could be headed home.

After thousands of votes were cast, we are only a couple of minutes from the 'big reveal'. Are Keitta's Upville dreams up in smoke, or is Barbz on her way out?

We trawled cyberspace and this is what some Big Brother Africa fans on Twitter had to say about what could be the Season's most dramatic Evictions yet!

The Fans Speak

@nqobilegcabashe @BigBroAfrica voting Barbs all da way

@joycesosoo @BigBroAfrica Keitta, Keitta, Keitta stays

@crystalchichi @BigBroAfrica Still hoping that Barbz stays! #stargame #bigbroafrica

@lem_O @BigBroAfrica Barbz, we love you #BigBroAfrica #Stargame #teambarbz

@Bellameza @BigBroAfrica the way I'm so anxious rite now. I’m in knots....I doubt I'll be able to watch the live show...

@julieffizzy @BigBroAfrica I so much wish that Keitta stays. He is the fun wire in Upville

@anyieasu I guess today's eviction will be a tough one really looking forward to it @BigBroAfrica wonder who will be safe #StarGame

@kemmyv @bigbroafrica voting #Keitta all the wayyyyyyyyyyyy

Well there you have it! It seems the vote is split 50/50! Who is leaving StarGame tonight? Keitta or Barbz?

- By NgettyD

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