News: Tamara Loves Goldie
Sat, 23 Jun 2012 15:18
News: Tamara Loves Goldie
Some of the Downvillers seem to have a soft spot for some of the Upville Starmates.

Kyle led a conversation in the garden this afternoon about Upville and the personalities that call it home. The Ugandan Housemate revealed how tired he is of watching Upville videos. "Why can't we make our own videos and have Big Brother play
them for the celebrities in Upville?" he asked.

Malonza and Kyle then asked Tamara which of the Upville musicians she would collaborate with.
Tamara did not hesitate to single out Goldie as a great musician. "I like her and would definitely do something with her. If I would go to Upville, I'm sure
me and her would get along too. Goldie and Lady May would be my friends for sure," she said

Do you think Tamara and Goldie would be close friends?

- By NgettyD

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