Diary Room: Talia & Tamara Are Better Off Separated!
Thu, 21 Jun 2012 12:40
Diary Room: Talia & Tamara Are Better Off Separated!
Sisters Tamara and Talia have been separated so they can reflect on their deep seated issues.

A fight that started in the Diary Room yesterday erupted in today's Diary session again and the bone of contention is still not clear.

Once the sisters stepped out of the Diary, the issue exploded and they started telling each other off in full view of their Housemates. Biggie intervened and called Talia into the Diary Room while her sister retreated to the bedroom.

Just like yesterday, the argument is still about taking each other for granted, undermining each other as well as controlling each other.

Talia feels that her sister is too controlling and she's just insecure because she (Talia) is making friends in the House and doesn't spend enough time with her.

Tamara on the other hand didn't take kindly to her sister exposing her like that and demanded a detailed explanation. One accuses the other for being too materialistic while the other accuses the other of being ungrateful.

He Said, She Said!

It is usually difficult to pinpoint the exact issues that lead to sibling rivalry and this is a classic case.

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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