News: Who’s Going Home?
Wed, 20 Jun 2012 23:10
News: Who’s Going Home?
“I have a feeling that it’s me,” said Keitta as the Upville Housemates speculated about who is up against Barbz for Evictions on Sunday. The Ghanaian’s StarGame intuition is bang on the money as he is the Housemate that Goldie chose to replace her boo Prezzo with.

The other Housemates were still not fully convinced though, as Barbz told her fellow VIP StarGamers that they should not rule out the possibility that Goldie had chosen Lady May. “It’s probably between me and Lady May,” said the model.

She also dished to Keagan and Keitta that she believes that the reason why Goldie has been so emotional over the past few days is because she had to choose between her and Prezzo. “Obviously she chose him,” the South African declared definitively.

This subject of who is getting the boot was sparked on by a curious Keagan, who wanted to find out from Barbz how she feels about possibly going home on Sunday. Barbz revealed that for now she is on the fence. “I have got work and I have businesses to run at home. But I will also be very happy if Africa votes for me to stay.”

Keitta also seemed to share her sentiments as he made it clear that while he wishes that he could be the one to win the StarGame money, but a big part of him just can’t wait to be re-united with Mildred.

The impending Evictions seem to be on everyone’s mind today as earlier this evening Prezzo made a plea to Big Brother for his name to be re-added to the list of Eviction nominees – as he believed that Goldie had changed her mind and used her ‘Save and Replace’ power to save someone other than him.

With Prezzo still safe and Maneta disqualified - it will be either Keitta or Barbz that will have to bid farewell to the Big Brother House on Sunday. Who do you think is going home?

By Lihle

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