Diary Room: Barbz Not Beefing
Wed, 20 Jun 2012 18:27
Diary Room: Barbz Not Beefing
During her Diary Session earlier this afternoon, Barbz did not hold her tongue, giving Biggie an earful about how she feels about Upville’s one-sided beef.

“I don’t want any beef, I am a vegetarian,” said the model jokingly. The celebrity Housemate was very disapproving of the rest of Upville’s attitude towards Maneta.

Since Roki and Maneta were disqualified yesterday for contravening the Provocation rule some of the VIP Housemates have been
bashed Maneta and placed all of the blame on her.

Barbz let Big Brother know that she believes that he made the right decision by disqualifying both of them. She said while she agrees that Maneta had an immature attitude but that was to be expected for someone that is still so young but Roki should have conducted himself more maturely. “For someone who is older and supposedly mature Roki should have known better. But instead he kept provoking her and allowed for things to escalate.”

Big Brother commended Barbz for staying neutral and for noticing that Biggie did try to speak to both Housemates and tried to calm them before the situation escalated.

Throughout the Diary Session the Nominated Housemate stayed upbeat and cheerful despite the impending Evictions on Sunday. It’s great to see that Barbz is being mature about being on the chopping block instead of acting like a spoilt brat. Good for you girl.

By Lihle

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