Diary Room: Goldie Regrets Her Decision
Wed, 20 Jun 2012 16:24
Diary Room: Goldie Regrets Her Decision
After saving Prezzo from the Eviction gallows, Goldie feels she may have made a mistake.

On Monday, Prezzo, Maneta and Barbz made up the Nominations list that would see one of them Evicted from Upville. Goldie changed all that by using her Head of House powers to save her boyfriend Prezzo. She put Keitta on the chopping block instead.

Today, the Nigerian singer broke down in the Diary Room and revealed how gutted she is that she betrayed her friend in this fashion. "I feel like I made a fatal error in judgment with regards to my Head of House replacement decision. I see Barbz as a friend and told her I would never betray her," she said, between sobs. Goldie conceded she was selfish when she made the decision to swap Prezzo for Keitta.

"Whoever stays will hate me for being selfish. I want him to be with me for as long as possible," she said. Meanwhile, Prezzo couldn't be happier at Goldie's decision.

He gloated about his 'safe status' to anyone he could on Monday evening and advised Keitta to take it easy on Maneta because he just might benefit from a liaison in the House like he had.

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