News: Insults for Keitta, Prezzo & Goldie
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:35
News: Insults for Keitta, Prezzo & Goldie
As she stepped out of Upville, Maneta left Junia with missiles targeting Prezzo, Goldie and Keitta.

Filled with insults, the Zimbabwean lass fired at the trio on her way out after being disqualified from StarGame alongside her countryman, Roki.

The two were engaged in a physical altercation earlier today which left Biggie with no choice but to kick them out of the House.

Roki took it easy and he simply walked out in peace after hugging and chanting words of wisdom to his fellow Housemates.

Meanwhile, M-Net and series producers Endemol consider the rules regarding physical violence among the most important in the house and are committed to enforcing the immediate disqualification of any Housemate/s who break these. Roki and Maneta will be provided with psychological and medical treatment and counseling to assist them with conflict and anger management.

They Must Go...

Why did Maneta have so much hate for Prezzo, Goldie and Keitta?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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