Dairy Room: “They Hate Me”
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 13:50
Dairy Room: “They Hate Me”
Dressed in all black and looking like the wicked witch from the West, a depressed Maneta had a break down during her diary session early this afternoon.

After finding out yesterday that she would be up for Eviction for the third time - the burden of being the Housemate that has been on the chopping block the most times in StarGame history has just became too much for the young beauty to handle. “They hate me,” bellowed the Zimbabwean with tears streaming down her face.

During the emotionally charged diary session Maneta revealed that no matter what the result of Sunday night’s eviction may be, she is no longer through with being friendly with her fellow Housemates. She told Big Brother: “I am done with being nice.”

The VIP Housemate’s tender age really showed today as all throughout the heart to heart, she sulked and pouted like a troubled tot. The usually confident beauty has hit an all-time low that even when Big Brother tried to change the sombre mood by asking her about this week’s Task on inner beauty she responded by telling him. “I don’t know if I have inner beauty. Maybe I am just an ugly person and that is why nobody likes me.” Biggie then tried his best to console her and told her to stay strong.

The VIP dame has survived Eviction twice before but this time around she seems to have little faith in Africa saving her once again. Has Maneta finally lost her sense of fight?

By Lihle

Death Of Miss Nice

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