News: Muscle Man Roki
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 10:20
News: Muscle Man Roki
Tired of being the more minuscule one among the men, Roki is now a man on mission. What is that mission? To turn himself into a traffic-stopping hunk.

After getting his groove on during a high energy dance session earlier this morning, the Zimbabwean spent the rest of the morning turning the Upville House into his personal gym and using the furniture as his own exercise apparatus.

The insecure Roki confessed to Keagan about how intimated he felt after he saw the brawny and burly Seydou, Chris and Ola on the first day that all of the Housemates all arrived at the Big Brother House. “When you see a man with muscles man it’s like whoa,” said the singer to his new friend.

The very thought of the Downville muscle men sent the scrawny musician in muscle hungry frenzy as he then plummeted to the ground doing press-ups.

After that Roki moved out of the bedroom into the hallway so that he could a better view of himself in the mirror. In a display of strength that is greater than his lean body he yanked two chairs into each hand.

He then launched the chairs into the air and lifted them up and down all while checking still himself out in the mirror. Talk about vanity! Clearly somebody loves himself a little too much. You better watch yourself Roki because if your head gets any bigger it might just explode.

By Lihle

Muscle Man

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