Nominations: Goldie Saves Her Man
Mon, 18 Jun 2012 20:47
Nominations: Goldie Saves Her Man
Goldie did not hesitate to save her man from the Eviction gallows this evening.

The Nigerian singer is Head of House this week and as HoH, has the power to 'Save and Replace' any Housemate she chooses. The Starmate she chose to save was none other than the love of her life, Prezzo (as if she would pick anyone else). In Prezzo's place, Goldie did not hesitate to put up Upville newbie Keitta.

Before Goldie went into the Diary Room to make the swap, Prezzo smiled like the cat that got the cream. He obviously had no doubts whatsoever, that his lady would come through for him. Goldie gave things away also by eyeballing the other Housemates and asking "Who could have done this to Prezzo?" as she walked to the Diary Room to reveal her 'Save and Replace' decision. Little does Goldie know that the man she lives for has gone behind her back and gossiped about her. Hows that for loyalty?

Well, it looks like Prezzo's strategy has worked for him beautifully. He made up with Goldie after giving her the run around, just in time for the crucial Nominations.

All for love

Africa... There you have it! This week, Barbz, Maneta and Keitta are up for possible Eviction!

- By NgettyD

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