Live Eviction: Keagan and Junia Enter Upville
Sun, 17 Jun 2012 22:00
Live Eviction: Keagan and Junia Enter Upville
For the first time in StarGame history two Housemates have been upgraded to Upville. Keagan and Junia have become the newest members of the VIP House.

As soon as she entered Upville, Junia expressed her thoughts on how who she wishes will be the second upgraded Downville, saying: “I hope it’s not Keagan, I hope it’s Lee”.

Earlier on while up on the Live Eviction Stage StarGame presenter IK grilled Junia about the number of guys she has kissed in the House. Over the past six weeks she has kissed four guys in total – Alex, Ola, Lee and Malonza. Whoa, this Junia girl sure gets around.

Unfortunately for Junia some wishes do not come true as less than half an hour later Keagan waltz through the Upville doors. He was greeted by the very excited former Downvillers Keitta and Maneta. Junia was nowhere to be seen as Keagan did his greetings with all of the celebrity Housemates.

On the Live Eviction Stage IK quizzed Keagan about his previous run-ins with Junia. The Downville dude seemed shocked at the insinuation that he was secretly harbouring romantic feelings for the Namibian. “She is a cool girl but no that is not the reason that we clash.”

When he was in Downville Keagan was undoubtedly the biggest troublemaker so will the South African lad bring his menacing ways into Upville and shake up the celebrity filled House?

Keagan was very upset about being separated from his wing-man and over the past six weeks Keagan has always had his more sensible StarGame partner to watch his back during all of his shenanigans. So how will Keagan measure up amongst the backstabbing Housemates of Upville without his wingman? We’ll have to wait and see.

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