News: “Be A Man”
Sat, 16 Jun 2012 16:25
News: “Be A Man”
The subjects of money and relationships were again a hot topic in Downville. Once again it was Tamara who was at the forefront of the debate, expressing her strong views on how a man should treat his lady saying: “Be a man and just do things for your woman.”

According to the Zambian a man should be a provider and should share any material possessions he has with his girlfriend.

She referenced her own past dating experiences, talking about her first boyfriend who did not earn much money but still managed to be her personal benefactor: “He tried at least. He did everything out of his way and I understood and I appreciated that,” said the feisty lady.

Alex and Malonza were taken aback a little earlier when the Downville lass revealed how much she spends on shoes and on vacations. The Kenyan brothers believe that the problem with women is that they do not appreciate the things that men do for them.

“There are people that if you give them the finger then they want the whole arm, even if you don’t have an arm,” said Malonza. Come on now Malonza you should know better than to generalise all women based on your experiences with a few gold-diggers.

As for Tamara what is the real reason that she is always so adamant that men should spend money on women. Is she a traditional girl that genuinely believes that men are the provider of the home or is she actually a gold-digger in disguise?

By Lihle

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