News: Eviction Deliberation
Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:30
News: Eviction Deliberation
The Housemates of Upville spent the early afternoon speculating about the upcoming Evictions on Sunday.

By now the Upville Housemates know that they will be receiving a new member into their House tomorrow but as for who that will be they will have to wait and see with the rest of Africa.

But could Lady May have some kind of StarGame intuition? During the discussion the Namibian quizzed her fellow VIP’s: “Do you think that we could get two people this week?”

Maneta and Barbz quickly shot down this notion claiming that there was no way that they would get two people. Well, well clearly Maneta and Barbz will be in for quite the surprise this Sunday because Lady May’s speculations are in fact correct as this week will be the first time that Africa will get to vote two Housemates into Upville.

Amidst all of the speculations Barbz waxed lyrical once again about her interest in meeting Lee and Keagan. “The way Keitta talks about the South African boys I really want to meet at least one of them.” Barbz girl, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Tomorrow evening is D-Day for the South African lads and the Namibian dames as the nominated Housemates finally find out what is their fate inside of House.

Click here and vote to keep Keagan, Lee, Jesica or Junia in the game.

Who Will It Be

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