Feature: StarGame Singing Stars
Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:00
Feature: StarGame Singing Stars
Peace and quiet these are words that do not exist in the Big Brother House. These Housemates are loud and proud with a song inside of their hearts that they want the whole world to hear.

If life was a musical then StarGame would be the chorus. Whether it is about the blues or about romance, whether it is in moments of glee or simply sheer boredom these StarGamers are always ready and willing to break out in song.

Fortunately for all of Africa, the Big Brother cameras are always around to capture all of the Housemates in their moments of musical serendipity.

With so many professional singers like Roki and Lady May in the House it is little wonder that over the past six weeks we have been witness to the harmonious sounds of angelic voices that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

But there have also been plenty of cringe worthy moments filled with the kind of tone deaf yelping that makes a screeching cat sound like the sweetest of melodies (yes you Jesica and Junia).

So cue the strings and sound the trumpets for all the StarGame Singing Stars and decide for yourself who are the true Divas and Divos and who are the Wannabes.

By Lihle

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