Reward: Movie Time
Sat, 16 Jun 2012 12:20
Reward: Movie Time
After her erratic behaviour earlier this morning it is good to see that the singer is now in a much more stable state of mind. Lady May has spent the rest of her day enjoying the fruits of her labour.

The Namibian lady was rewarded with a movie screening for winning a task earlier in the week after being informed about her impending reward the songbird could not contain her delight as she jumped up and down, clapping her hands and giggled like a little girl while repeatedly screaming out: “We are watching a movie”.

Wow who knew Lady May was such an eager movie fan or could the excitement be due to the fact that the Housemates are not allowed to watch television in the Big Brother House? Either way it is pleasing to see Lady May so happy.

The outgoing Head of House was allowed to pick one Housemate with whom to share the spoils with and she ended up choosing the new Head of House, Goldie to be her movie buddy.

The glass room where StarGamers usually get their massages was converted into a private movie theatre where the two celebrity women spent the entire morning rested on the red couches with warm blankets while enjoying a movie and lots of popcorn.

Free from any of the drama in the House, the Starmates chatted and laughed hysterically. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves ladies but just don’t get too used to it because soon enough you will have to re-join the rest of your VIP Housemates for another drama filled day in the Big Brother House.

By Lihle

Movie Buddys

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