News: Is Lady May Okay?
Sat, 16 Jun 2012 10:10
News: Is Lady May Okay?
While the rest of the Housemates of Upville slept through the morning, Lady May was up bright and early keeping busy in her favourite velvet leopard print robe and with blue rollers in her hair.

The Namibian dame watered the garden and even she even watered the water fountain... Yes she even watered the self watering fountain! A little earlier in the day when the singer had just woken up, she outside to the garden and looked to be quite lost in the moment as she wondered around aimlessly.

After that she sat outside in the cold eating her porridge all by herself and all the while she had orgasmic expressions on her face. Errm… Okay porridge may be delicious but it is not THAT delicious.

Lady May has been displaying an array of erratic behaviour recently - like sleeping outside in the blistering cold on a chilly Winter’s night or hanging upside down the railway in her pink heels while doing funny looking exercises and let’s not forget about her many questionable outfit choices including wearing just fishnet stockings and underwear to the Housemates basketball game on Wednesday.

All of this eccentric behaviour begs the question is Lady May okay? Or is it all part of her StarGame strategy?

By Lihle

What's Up Lady

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