News: "Roki Skating on Thin Ice" - Keitta
Sat, 16 Jun 2012 00:44
Roki is in serious trouble, if Keitta's words are to be believed.

Keitta revealed how close he is to blowing up on Roki. "He keeps stepping on my toes and very soon, I'll do something about it," he told Barbz and Maneta.

The Ghanaian Housemate told the girls how he would definitely be disqualified if he and Roki got into any sort of confrontation. "I would fight him. I would be sent home that day," he said.

Barbz and Maneta - who witnessed the scuffle between Zainab and DKB that saw the two disqualified from the game - encouraged him not to resort to using violence in the House.

When Keitta praised Roki for his intelligence despite their differences, Barbz was quick to shut him down, telling Keitta how conniving Roki actually is.

Maneta fully agreed with Barbz and shared how jealous Roki is because Keitta is close to her, Barbz and Lady May. "Roki's so insecure it's not even funny," Maneta said.

Could things come to a head between Keitta and Roki soon? We’ll definitely keep an eye on these two.


- By NgettyD

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