News: Watch Your Back!
Fri, 15 Jun 2012 23:56
News: Watch Your Back!
Maneta, Barbz and Keitta spent a big chunk of their evening discussing Prezzo and Roki.

According to the three, Roki and Prezzo are backstabbers who did not flinch even when they stuck a knife into their friend DKB's back.

Barbz expressed how Prezzo brings bad energy into the House "Our spirits do not click properly," she said. Keitta told the girls how Roki had warned him about hanging out with them. "He said I should be careful and that I should watch my back." An offended Barbz told Keitta it is the boys he should be worried about. "Look what they did to DKB. They act like they don't want the money.

The three also brought up the Goldie/Prezzo situation. Maneta told Keitta and Barbz how he just wants a housewife and would not survive in the House if Goldie was not there. "He's just taking advantage of her," Maneta said.

All about Prezzo

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