Diary Room: StarGame Gone Gangsta
Wed, 13 Jun 2012 13:45
Diary Room: StarGame Gone Gangsta
What’s crack-a-lacking? Chilling like a villain in the Big Brother Hizzo. Are these lines from a B-grade rap song? Nope it’s Big Brother gone Gangsta.

The Housemates were in for a surprise during their diary sessions when the usually rigid Biggie unleashed his much friendlier Hip Hop alter ego.

You learn something new every day from the Big Brother House. The StarGame vocab has been getting some interesting additions this week. After Biggie enquired the Housemates about their favourite Hip Hop slang word, Jannette revealed her that her favourite word is tum-tums. Tum-tums, what is that? Not even the Gangsta Biggie had a clue. According to the Ugandan dame tum-tum means a whole lot of money.

During the sessions Big Brother asked each of the Housemates about their views on the influence of American culture in Africa and he also asked them to give a sample of their rap skills. Some Housemates like Tamara were at a loss for words. Meanwhile her sister Talia showed that behind that pretty face there is a talented MC waiting to break free.

“Biggie you got swag,” mused the Zambian sisters as Big Brother ended the session by saying: “Big Brother will catch you on the flipside.” Well...okay then swaggalicious Big Bro.

What do you think of the Gangsta Big Brother?

By Lihle

Biggie Smallz

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