News: Super Wati
Wed, 13 Jun 2012 10:45
News: Super Wati
Did Wati drink some ‘superman potion’ this morning? It sure looks like it. The scrawny Malawian was up early today displaying his super strength as he lifted, tugged and lugged the furniture in the House all by himself. Who knew such a lean lad could have so much might.

The always upbeat Housemate appears to be quite at ease with his new found role as the Downville interior decorator. It looks like there has been a bundle of creativity that has been hiding behind that big afro all along. Finally today Wati let his creative juices flow, giving the Downville Diner a new look.

So what exactly inspired this Downville dude’s resourcefulness? We have no idea but it will be interesting to see how the rest of the Housemates feel about their revamped House. Let’s hope his fellow StarGamers will show appreciation for all of Wati’s hard work.

What do you think inspired Wati’s surge of creativity?

By Lihle

Super Dude

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