Daybreak: Prezzo and Goldie's Steamy Loving
Wed, 13 Jun 2012 09:10
Daybreak: Prezzo and Goldie's Steamy Loving
In the wee hours of the morning as the rest of the Housemates were sound asleep, StarGame lovebirds Prezzo and Goldie could not keep their hands off of each other.

The two celebrity Housemates’ relationship is often unstable and can go from hot to cold in the blink of an eye but from the looks of their early morning loving session things are steamier than ever between the two musicians.

Up until now the conservative Nigerian singer has stayed very prudent, two weeks ago Prezzo confessed to DKB that the two had not even kissed yet. But fast forward to this morning and it seems like we have a whole new Goldie, as the two were in bed, the songstress mounted herself on top of her man and gave him a slow and sensual massage. Can this really be the same woman who just last week was too shy to muster up the courage to kiss her beau - despite desperate pleading from Prezzo?

Speaking of kisses, did Prezzo finally get the kiss that he has been so desperately longing for? As the couple cuddled up in bed they got quite intimate with each other. but did they engage in a round of tonsil hockey? It was too hard to tell in the dark and with Goldie’s weave covering their faces so for now we will be keeping an eye on these two to see where things develop from here.

It is really amazing how fast things change in the Big Brother House. Or could it be that the singer could just no longer resist the charms of her Kenyan lover? Either way any doubts that were left about the current status of these two’s relationship have definitely been cleared up.

By Lihle

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