News: Upville vs Downville
Wed, 13 Jun 2012 01:00
News: Upville vs Downville
As the night progressed, the initial Task excitement Upville had, seemed to wear off.

The gang got rid of most of their Task gear and rocked their normal garb. Keitta and Prezzo walked around the House bare-chested with only their bling dangling from their necks. The ladies also chose to rock their tight sweat pants throughout the evening, totally ignoring the green Sprite t-shirts and caps provided.

There was absolutely no slang spoken in Upville throughout the night. Downville was the extreme opposite. The gang was in full Hip Hop mode till they retired at around 22:00 CAT.

Every one of them had their full gear on. Junia seemed to be enjoying herself thoroughly and walked around the House speaking like a rapper.

Upville needs to pull up their socks in order for them to win their 100 percent Wagered on this week's Task. Will the gang impress Big Brother?

- By NgettyD

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