News: StarGame Gangstas
Tue, 12 Jun 2012 18:00
News: StarGame Gangstas
The Housemates seem to be taking to this week's Task like fish to water.

Hip Hop culture is synonymous with swag, confidence and all kinds of excess. Both Upville and Downville epitomised this and so much more, with a different kind of mood permeating the air this evening.

The confidence in Upville hit record highs as the Housemates dished out the cockiness in heavy doses, in their attempt to create a Hip Hop StarGame masterpiece to be performed during the Sprite Triple Slam - Pimp It Task Presentation on Thursday evening.

The gang even found time to pull very Hip Hop poses, reminiscent of legendary groups including Run DMC, as they showed off their impressive 'bling' in the bedroom. Later, Keitta sat on the couch in the garden and started playfully 'spitting game' at an amused Barbz. Over in Downville, Keagan, Lee and Wati couldn't leave the Mini Cooper parked in the garden alone.

The boys went to work pimping the Downville ride, as they rocked their colourful Sprite Hip Hop garb. The Upvillers - who aren't too impressed with their scooter - did not give it a second glance. Probably waiting till tomorrow to pimp it, perhaps?


- By NgettyD

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