Task: Slang, Rap & Hip Hop All The Way!
Tue, 12 Jun 2012 16:30
Task: Slang, Rap & Hip Hop All The Way!
Wassup? What's poppin' shorty? That's the kind of lingo you'll be hearing in the House for the next three days.

As part of the Sprite Triple Slam - Pimp It Task, Housemates will be using slang and rocking hip & hype Hip-Hop inspired outfits while working on individual rap songs to perform during the Task Presentation.

However, there's a catch; while on that slang tip, Housemates have been banned from using the word "Yo", which may pose a challenge. It will be fun to see how well they avoid this word.

Biggie surprised the Housemates with Sprite hoodies, sweat pants and bling to spice up their hip Hop style over the three days. "The best Hip Hop slang and style may be rewarded," Biggie's brief read.

We all know how potty slang can get and with an already X-rated bunch in the House, remember to make use of the parental control button. The rides are getting pimped as well so, it looks like Thursday night will be on fire.

You Can't Say "Yo"

It's Sprite, camera and action time!

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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