Evictions: Namibia vs South Africa
Sun, 10 Jun 2012 21:10
Evictions: Namibia vs South Africa
This week, Namibia and South Africa are at Africa's mercy, after being randomly Nominated during the Live Eviction Show.

For the first time since StarGame began, two Housemates will be shipped off to snazzy Upville this coming Sunday.

Lee, Junia, Keagan and Jesica will all be battling for Africa's vote as the race to the finale heats up. It is important to note that the two who will be upgraded to Upville DO NOT need to be country pairs.

This evening, the Housemates watched from their television in the Downville lounge as the random lottery balls bubbled in the selector. Although many of the Downvillers tried to play it cool as they awaited their fate, the fear in their eyes could not be hidden. When Junia and Jesica's country ball popped up, Jesica looked stunned.

Junia did not waste any time and broke down into a heap of tears. Keagan smiled uneasily then cracked a joke, while Lee quickly made a beeline for a cigarette. A cigarette for the pain?

Who will be Upgraded to Upville next week? Make your voice count by voting for your favourite Housemates!

Chopping block

- By NgettyD

Click here and vote to keep Keagan, Lee, Jesica or Junia in the game.

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