Daybreak: Junia and Malonza's Kissing Marathon
Sun, 10 Jun 2012 09:00
Daybreak: Junia and Malonza's Kissing Marathon
Old habits die hard. That saying could not ring any truer than when it comes to Junia and Malonza’s on again/ off again relationship. Well, is it even a relationship or are they FWB’s (Friends With Benefits)? Who knows with these two?

Throug the wee hours of the morning the pair played tonsil hockey in bed, not once, not twice but three times. Wow… Well as the saying goes the third time is the charm. Last night’s kissing marathon was not the first time that the two have locked lips - on the StarGamers’ first night in the Big Brother House the two shared a steamy kiss in the jacuzzi. The following day Junia shared with her StarGame partner Jesica that she likes Malonza. The spunky Namibian described the Kenyan hunk as “very cute and a good kisser,” and then vowed to kiss him again. So was last night the result of carefully planned out plot by Junia to get her lips on Malonza’s again? Hmm… we smell a conspiracy brewing here.

As for Malonza what does he think of Junia, the Downville dude has never actually spoken out on how he truly feels about her. Let’s also not forget that before the Botswana girls were evicted, Malonza had eyes only for Edith. So one has to wonder, is the Kenyan just using Junia as his consolation prize?

Tongue Wrestling

No self- respecting girl wants to be anyone’s second best. So be careful Junia because if you actually like the guy but pretend like you are okay to just be FWB’s you will only end up getting hurt.

By Lihle

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