Party: Doing It For The Ladies
Sun, 10 Jun 2012 00:09
Party: Doing It For The Ladies
DJ Fetty brought the House down with some incredible tunes during the party tonight.

Tanzania's DJ Fetty was a marvel to watch behind the decks tonight, during the eagerly anticipated Saturday night party.

DJ Fetty is the first female spinner to deejay in the Big Brother House, since the Season began. The excited Upvillers were clearly ready to party and as soon as the smoke machines were turned on, quickly flocked to the dance floor.

The party was held indoors this evening, because of the biting cold outside. Things started getting so heated that some of the Superheroes changed into more comfortable gear.

Jannette and Talia rocked tiny booty shorts and boots, while Tamara and the rest of the girls kept their superhero outfits on.

Getting Down

- By NgettyD

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