Party: StarGame Superheroes
Sat, 09 Jun 2012 23:00
Party: StarGame Superheroes
The Housemates were besides themselves with excitement when the party theme was revealed.

The Upville Housemates breathed a huge sigh of relief when Big Brother finally provided them with outfits for tonight's party, as well as a sizeable amount of alcohol, of course.

There was a mad dash for the box of party outfits as the Housemates scrambled for the perfect Superhero outfits. The girls naturally went for the sexier outfits that showed off their ample 'talent'. The guys seemed amused by the fake muscles popping out of their Superhero outfits and flexed and preened for the cameras.

After getting all dressed up for the party, the excited Housemates entertained themselves in very noisy fashion.

Tonight, Cloud FM's DJ Fetty from Tanzania will be manning the decks. It seems the Housemates are ditching their intended strike action and are finally going to party hard.

Superhero choir

- By NgettyD

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