News: Jannette Kisses Wati
Sat, 09 Jun 2012 22:20
News: Jannette Kisses Wati
Jannette entertained herself with her latest toyboy; Wati.

Jannette cornered yet another Downville boy this evening, after having had a little too much to drink.

The pint-sized beauty has a history of pouncing on unsuspecting male Housemates for a little flirty fun.

Tonight, Wati got a taste of Jannette magic when she pressed herself against him and gave him a series of saucy kisses. Wati played along until Talia jokingly told Jannette to stay away from Wati because he is unemotional.

Jannette was kicked out Malonza's bed a couple of weeks ago and after being rejected by Wati earlier this week - the sexy temptress hid under the bed and cried - prompting her fellow Housemates to come to the conclusion that she is suicidal and has insecurity issues.

Jannette is definitely one of the stand out go-getter’s in Downville.

Jannette on the prowl

- By NgettyD

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