News: Striking For Alcohol
Sat, 09 Jun 2012 20:28
News: Striking For Alcohol
The Housemates toyed with the idea of engaging in strike action this evening.

After snubbing the Saturday night party and storming the Diary Room a couple of weeks ago, the Downville Housemates threatened to do the same if they are not provided with alcohol tonight.

The girls seemed to be the most concerned about the availability of alcohol, as opposed to the boys. It is no secret that some of the StarGame girls are rather fond of the bottle.

The alcohol issue came up after Tamara expressed concerns over whether Big Brother would throw Downville a party, as opposed to Upville. "It would be a real shame if he would decide against it," she said.

Tamara and Keagan and Talia then suggested the Housemates strike today if they are not given any alcohol. The gang quickly abandoned the strike idea when Big Brother finally opened the alcohol-filled Store Room.

Putting their foot down

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