News: Dancing With My Lover
Sat, 09 Jun 2012 18:54
News: Dancing With My Lover
Prezzo and Goldie had a party of their own in the garden this evening.

Prezzo and Goldie gave their fellow Starmates a show worth remembering this evening.

After swearing that he and Goldie's relationship is "yesterday's paper", Prezzo put a smile back on his Nigerian lover's face by giving their relationship another shot. This evening, the two lovebirds celebrated their renewed commitment to one another by dancing to each others music in the garden.

Their fellow Starmates looked on in amusement as the two circled each other and broke it down with aplomb. A light-footed Goldie seemed to be in heaven as she shook and shimmied for her man.

Prezzo played captivated audience to perfection and also met Goldie halfway with fancy moves of his own.
The two slid on the lawn like dance pros, which is not surprising considering that both are in the music industry. Goldie is a singer, while Prezzo is a rapper.

Isn't it just wonderful when love is going right? How long will it be till these two break up again?

Step in the name of love

- By NgettyD

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