Feature: Hair Raising Issues!
Sat, 09 Jun 2012 13:25
Feature: Hair Raising Issues!
Hair today, gone tomorrow. Rewind to the launch and see how gorgeous the girls' hair looked when they first entered the House.

Let's talk about the hairy issues in the House that have seen Housemates nearing breaking point. Mildred couldn't handle going on stage in her own hair when it was time to leave. She was adamant that she wanted Brazilian hair but that wouldn't happen so she missed out on the chance of a proper goodbye to the show and to her man who was upgraded to Upville on that night.

Tamara also decided to ditch her weave and it hasn't been easy trying to keep her hair neat. The queen of unkempt hair will have to be Jannette. We've never seen her hair combed, ever. The least said about the weave she had on during the launch, the better. It was the case of “a good hairpiece gone bad”, that's Jannette for you.

So far, Lady May, Barbz, Goldie and Junia have managed to conquer the hair issues in StarGame. Barbz decided to plait her hair after removing her weave and though not very fluttering, she makes the cornrows work for her. Lady May has her curlers to rely on and she usually puts them on before bedtime. Goldie just loves her golden locks and she's been keeping them fresh. It helps to have a man in the House hey. This is evident in Talia who removed her braids after Seydou left and maybe that wasn't such a good idea where grooming is concerned.

It doesn't look like Junia will be removing her braids any time soon and they really are working for her. We will give her the prize for best kept hair in Downville. She deserves this prize for being smart enough to know that we’d rather see well groomed hair in the House and going for the least hectic hairstyle.

Hair Issues

Have the other girls forgotten that they are on TV?

- By Lndiwe Nkonyane

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