News: Touch Me There!
Sat, 09 Jun 2012 11:20
News: Touch Me There!
After a week of hard work sculpting, Roki and Wati deserve a massage.

As part of the week's Task, Housemates had to create a sculpture and Wati and Roki led their Housemates on this Task.

The guys went on to lead the Presentations on Thursday night, which saw both Houses winning the week's 100 percent Wager.

However, the two had contrasting treatment experiences; Wati's peace was invaded by Keagan who could not stop talking while Roki's was very quiet in the privacy of the Coca Cola Glasshouse.

Roki abused his privacy with the Pyramid Day Spa masseur and started flirting with her. When she ignored him, he started moaning and breathing heavily. Who does that?

Meanwhile, in Downville Keagan teased Wati about getting an erection from the massage and decided to sit nearby to see if he would actually get one.

Keagan really enjoys teasing his buddies in the House and he actually laughs at his own jokes.

Soft Hands!

Whose massage experience did you envy more?

- By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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