News: The Case Of The Pink Shoe
Sat, 09 Jun 2012 00:00
News: The Case Of The Pink Shoe
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and we have a feeling that the Upville Housemates are about to feel the wrath of Lady May’s fury.

Keitta and his Starmate co-conspirators got their hands on Lady May’s ever present pair of pink heels and hid one of the shoes in a vase in the lounge. The Namibian lady will surely blow a gasket when she realises that her beloved stilettos gave been segregated.

Last night it came to light that some of the VIP Housemates are not that fond of Lady May as they made a pact to annoy her further and push her to the limit. Today they kept true to that pact with this shoe-hiding stunt.

This act of rebellion against the new Head of House comes after an evening of whining from the Upvillers who were perturbed because they did not receive alcohol from Big Brother. Before taking out their frustrations on an unsuspecting Lady May they first plotted to revolt by refusing to carrying their microphones or not changing the batteries. Maneta exclaimed: “We’ll teach him who is boss”. Um… aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself there Maneta? The show is called Big Brother Africa after all.

All of the commotion seemed to be too much for meek Goldie to handle she expressed that her armpits were sweating because she was feeling nervous about what they were doing. At this point the other VIP Housemates warned her not to snitch.

The Housemates vowed to keep the shoes hidden for at least a week. Will Lady May be able to survive that long with out them. It is anybody’s guess how she will retaliate at this act of mutiny from her Housemates. Get your armour on ladies and gents, we foresee an epic battle in Upville.

By Lihle

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