News: Alex The Bed Thief?
Fri, 08 Jun 2012 22:00
News: Alex The Bed Thief?
Alex and Keagan were giggling like naughty schoolchildren as the South African housemate carried a bed out of the bedroom while the Kenyan put together another bed.

The bed that Keagan was carrying belongs to Alex and it somehow got broken. So whose bed is it that Alex was putting together? That is the million dollar question. Jannette walked in and asked: “Why are you taking my bed.” Alex avoided the question and the intoxicated Ugandan was easily distracted and did not pursue the matter any further.

After piecing it together Alex then made up the new bed at this point Wati queried about what he was up to. The mischievous Downviller blamed Keagan and Lee for breaking in a rant peppered with expletives. Why is it that we are not surprised that when there is something dodgy happening in the House, Keagan is involved?

Later on Kyle enquired about the broken bed in the lounge and Alex confessed that it was his. Kyle then asked where Alex would be sleeping since his bed was destroyed. “In a bed,” Alex answered cleverly before adding “I didn’t say MY bed, I said A Bed”. Hmm… Alex what is going on, are you bed thief now? After all they do say desperate times call for desperate measures. So does the stolen bed really belong to Jannette, or is it the bed of one of the exited Housemates?

Things could get very interesting come bedtime if one of the StarGamers is to find that they are now bed-less.

Naughty Alex

By Lihle

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