News: Who Is The Downville Player?
Fri, 08 Jun 2012 19:50
News: Who Is The Downville Player?
The combination of alcohol and Downville Housemates makes for stimulating conversations. The Housemates were gathered outside downing drinks when the subject of who is the biggest player in Downville came about.

Keagan accused his truth or dare kissing partner Talia of being a player. A surprised Talia vehemently denied this accusation. “I don’t have any game,” said Talia bashfully. But Keagan was not buying it and alleged that playing innocent is in fact part of her game plan. She then tried to deflect the attention off of her by pointing the finger at Janette. “Jannette is the player, she has got the moves,” said the Zambian beauty.

We have to agree with Talia on this one, Jannette has certainly not been shy at trying to play the field with a number of the lads of Downville. Just last night the Ugandan cutie sneaked into the bed of Malawian Housemate Wati while the other Housemates were playing Jacuzzi games. Before that the petite lass tried her luck with both of the Kenyan brothers, Alex and Malonza.

It is interesting to see that none of the guys’ names came up during this topic. Come on now lads, we all know there have been more than a fair share of frisky shenanigans from the boys too. These accusations from the boys seem more like a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Oh hello there pot, meet kettle.

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By Lihle

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